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Advance PHP&Database

Advance PHP&Database Course in Nagercoil


The Advanced PHP will help to extend your knowledge about Core PHP and help you become a Pro at PHP.

Course Description

This advanced PHP training course further develops the skills of experienced PHP Programmers by introducing them to advanced techniques, tools, and methodologies that can be used to build complex, scaleable, PHP applications.

This PHP training covers the Object Oriented components of PHP5, including advanced features such as PHP5's try/catch exception handling, and interacting with databases using the PHP Data Objects (PDO) database access layer. Students will also learn how they can leverage common design patterns to build loosely coupled objects and further extend the flexibility of their applications.

This advanced PHP training course also covers using the PEAR repository to leverage existing code and perform operation such as developing client/server applications with XML_RPC (including interfacing with already available XML_RPC services), and sending multipart email messages, and HTML formatted messages with inline images.